U.S based Mobile Company Motorola Re-launches In Pakistan.

With its tagline, DIFFERENT IS BETTER.

Motorola is really hopeful of a strong comeback in Pakistan with the new trademark Lenovo Moto, targeting the high-end smartphone in the market this time.The US-based company has not only resumed its journey here but in a different style.

“It has revolutionalized the smartphone industry with innovation which remained stagnant for the last 10 years.” – Lenovo General Manager Middle East for Smartphones Sharay Shams.

He further said that the last innovation in the smartphone industry was iPhone in 2007, Since then, brands kept introducing new phones with fractional changes like smartphones with a larger screen, higher storage and RAM capacities, higher megapixels in the built-in cameras, etc.

His company, he claimed, ” has innovated Mods (attachable external gadgets), which has transformed the smartphones into what you want to make it and when.”

The firm has introduced three Mods along with a high-end smartphone. The attachment of Mods (one at a time), for example, converts the smartphones into a projector to deliver a powerpoint presentation, run videos or show photographs on a 70-inch or wider wall-turned screen. The other two mods convert the phone into a professional camera with which one can shoot raw photograph or movies to be edited later on and boost sound.

Shams said:

“The company will introduce 12 Mods this year, which will remain compatible with the phones to be introduced by the company over the next three years,”