Top Chinese brand to introduce Electric Cars in Pakistan

We have been hearing for quite some time that electric cars are making their way to the Pakistani market. In this race, a Pakistani company Super Power has already unveiled it’s two electric cars priced at Rs 600,000 and Rs 650,000.

At the same time, many Chinese manufacturers are also eying the Pakistani market to introduce hybrid and electric cars and it appears as though there is going to be a section of another player. According to initial reports, a top Chinese automobile brand is thinking about launching its dealership network in Pakistan either before the finish of 2017 or one years from now.

The car costs around $9000 (Rs. 943,425) exclusive of taxes and has a range of 120 KM and the maximum speed of 60 KM. Unlike many 800cc to 1000cc cars in Pakistan, the electric cars would flaunt present day features from power windows to rear camera display to internet connectivity. Allegedly, the new cars would lessen the cost of covering 1KM as compared to the other vehicles to Rs. 1.

The rapidly deteriorating global environment calls for vitality alternatives and fuel consumption. In this situation, electric cars show a decent alternative to the traditional automobiles as they don’t have a carbon footprint and are along these lines eco-friendly.Earlier this year, Mian Mansha also revealed that Nishat Group is trying to convince Hyundai, the South Korean automotive manufacturer, to bring electric and hybrid cars in Pakistan.