Tips To Become The Most Appreciative Person

“Gratitude is not the greatest of virtue, but the parents of all the others” ~Cicero

What does this quote reflect? It says that being grateful is the most important essence of a good soul and peaceful mind without it people lack in their personality. It is what distinguishes you from the others. It makes you ordinary yet extraordinary. Did you get the last sentence? No? The below mention points will explain you how.


By Being Down To Earth:

Another sister branch of this virtue is being simple and humble. It makes you famous among people in a positive way. You become an exemplary character for those who seek guidance. Better not to become an arrogant person.


By Being Thankful To Others:

By saying thank you, whenever you get a favor from people, makes them satisfied and appreciated. They are motivated to help others more and to put a smile on others face more and more often.

By Being Hopeful:

Having firm believes in the concept that everything good or bad happens for a reason keeps you going and discovering more about your life. It makes things easier for you, and it cannot make you sad.


By Checking The Reality:

Never believe that your life is a fairy tale. One must be ready for any situation mentally and physically so that at the time of crisis you never get off your track. A rainbow appears only after a heavy rain. Be ready for the cats and dogs rain and wait for the rainbow to appear. Life is the name of ups and downs. You cannot appreciate well if you have not gone through bad situations. Be patient when stones are thrown at you and you yourself become a shield for yourself via developing an appreciative attitude.


By Sharing Smile and Laughter:

Every single day makes someone smile. Be a reason for somebody’s smile and be your reason for your smile. If you are happy then only you can make other people happy. Listen to others sorrow and help them to get out of it by making them realize that the life goes on.


By Placing Yourself In Others’ Situation:

Try to understand others situation and psychology. Try to think in other peoples’ way too. It is not necessary that they are wrong, maybe they see things from another point of view. Respect others views and thought. Not everyone has the same perception about life as you have.

By Observing The Society:

Be observant. Ponder over things which you see around. What is the reason behind things as the way they are? Evaluate things. Solve problems. Appreciate things which are good. Correct things which are wrong.  This world, people, and things need your help. Be a helper.

By Thinking Before You Speak:

Think before you speak might help you to be gentle in your words and communication. Being simple yet expressive is appreciated everywhere and it can pacify the difficult situations.

By Saying No Preconditions For Happiness:

Never associate your happiness with certain conditions. Be happy without putting a reason to it.

By Saying No To Expectations:

Be good to others without expecting from others. I know it is a pretty hard thing, but one can bear all the hardship for not letting their ship of happiness sinking down. Not all the fingers are the same, likewise, all the people are different. They do not think as the way you are, so expecting anything in return will be a total waste.



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