Ten Things To Adopt When You’re Feeling Hopeless

crying, feeling hopeless, and Here are the ten ways to adopt to kick out hopelessness

Are you feeling hopeless? Are you shattering from inside? Are you fed up with your hopelessness? But before jumping into the main screen, first introduce yourself to your Hopelessness. Hopelessness is just a feeling, but you yourself make it a problem by over-thinking, and doing nothing.

Firstly, take a deep breath, and go into a flashback in order to find out the origin of your hopelessness. Once you know its origin, there you can easily kick out a hopelessness from yourself or better you can do “embrace it”. So here are the ten things you may adopt when you are lacking hope.


Here Are The Ten Things To Adopt When You’re Feeling Hopeless

Embrace Hopelessness

Yes! you read it correct, embrace it, accept it since we need to move on in life. We can wait for the situation to change, it is us who change it by moving on and accepting the challenges, just like Juliette Lewis did.

“The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.”

Meet up With Positive Souls


While you are in your journey of hopelessness, instead of meeting people with negative thoughts or who themselves are lacking hope since they are injurious to yourself, as they will make you feel more down and more upset. So, meet up with people who have lively souls, who are positive about this world, who are positive about you, who can remind you of your good habits, and with whom you without and hesitation share things that are bothering you, because such people are the source of ignition to make you move on faster.


Solitude the state or situation of being alone, it doesn’t refer to Isolation. Isolation and solitude are two different things which people don’t usually get and take the both term as one.

Solitude is a positive thing, in an easy words, it is a time which you take out of your busy schedule for yourself in which you take yourself far from the tensions, stress and live the moment by doing things which you love or for which you are passionate about. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to savor your time of solitude.

Take Out Your Tears And Cry!


Tears aren’t bad, they are good as one researcher says:

“Tears aren’t just salt water; they contain leucine enkephalin, an endorphin that modulates pain, and hormones such as prolactin and adrenocorticotropic hormone, released at times of stress. Tears [might] be the body’s way of flushing out excess stress hormones… a safety valve.”

Which means that it is good to cry when even people around you stop you from crying, ignore them and cry as much as you want.

Talk About It

Ignoring your problems will never and ever going to diminish the problems from your life rather talk about it. Once you know the origin of hopelessness, try to solve the query by finding ways to cope up with it.

Don’t Over-think, just think maturely and try to clean that hurdle from your way in order to run faster towards your destination.

Live Naturally

Try to live naturally, which means love the nature, leaving behind the gadgets, just try to smell the blossoms, try to feel the cold breeze, listen to the chirping of birds and smell the woods. In other words, get involved with the nature and love the every blessing you have.

Motivate Yourself

You people might me thinking how will you motivate yourself when you are hopeless?

The answer is clear, hopelessness doesn’t block your brain, your brain can play a major role in motivating you by making up the stories according to your decision and situation and ending it up with a positive consequence. This doesn’t involve unrealistic stories, but practical, since you are making stories from your brain so you are likely to think practically.

 Befriend With Books

Try not to watch negative news, rather read books which keep on motivating you and keep you positive. By befriending with books will make you encounter with facts that will astonish you and will make you interested to know the world closely by eliminating all the hatreds, politics and social problems.

Dream it

By dreaming, it helps you to set certain goal. by setting certain goal and this will help you to keep yourself hopeful since you are the one who dreamt that goal for yourself and by passing short-term goals, you’ll be able to achieve your long term goals no matter how hopeless you feel but you will be able to control over your hopelessness if you really dreamt something for yourself.

Do Things About Which You Are Passionate

Try to indulge in things which you love or things for which you are passionate this way you will feel satisfied with yourself and less likely to involve in hopelessness.