Meet A Russian Artist Who Is Turning Dirty Cars Into A Mobile Art.

Every car gets dirty because hey- the world is a pretty dirty place. But some cars get dirtier than the rest. I remember my favorite pastime as a kid on the way home from school would be to write weird messages on dirty car windows and doors. Anything from movie names to bad words to even some really creepy drawings, the dirty car was my canvas. And I – Picasso.

 Nikita Golubev, an artist, and amazing illustrator turn dirty cars into a piece of an art. If you are living in Moscow then you should definitely have your dirty car for this artist’s masterpiece. His paintings are so real, that you will never want to wash it off.

Golubev is working on an ongoing project called #dirtypainting, the extremely talented artist has taken to the streets of Russia to target dirty cars and vans that serve as the canvas. The amazingly beautiful art is drawn on to the vehicles only for the eventual rainfall to wash them away.

The people of Moscow have really started to like what Nikita is doing. He usually keeps his next drawing a secret until he has fully dirt painted a vehicle. He then uploads his art to his Facebook page where most of his fans interact with his drawings.

Nikita was born in 1981 and is self-educated with interest in art. He has posted his art on his Instagram (@proboynick) including many animals ranging from a chimp to an owl on the back of a truck and a shark down the side of a car.


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So next time you find yourself driving through Moscow, maybe skip the carwash. You never know if your crappy old car might be the next piece of art.

You can check out more of Nikita’s art on his Instagram and Facebook.