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Rushna Khan – First Pakistani Hockey Player Signed By The Foreign Club.

It is very sad that the present condition of the Pakistan hockey team and the sport is in a dismal state and the authorities and also we as a Pakistani does not give encouragement to the hockey team, but still,  our national women’s hockey team is making the country proud of them by achieving milestones.



Rushna Khan, the talented goalkeeper of the Pakistan’s Women Hockey Team, has been signed by an Australian hockey club for a season. She is 21 years olds and she is the first female hockey player to manage such an achievement.

The Australian club, St. George Randwick Hockey Club, is based in Sydney and her six-month season with them starts on  15th of April.



Here is something about Rushna Khan. She is a Queen!

Rushna has got a degree in Mass Communication from Kinnaird College of Lahore.She started her career by playing her first match against India in 2015,  one of our fiercest rivals on a personal level. Since then she has had the opportunity to represent the country in six other international matches.

She said while stating her achievement:

“been signed by the St. George Randwick Club for the season, and I will represent the club in various tournaments during the season.”

Rushna khan has also stated about the contract with the foreign club as a “great learning opportunity” from which she hopes to help other players on her national team after coming back from Australia having completed her period with the foreign club.

She was also awarded the Pakistan Youth Icon Award in 2015. She is hopeful that more opportunities will be made available for female sportspersons in the future in the country and also believes that females are equally as talented as men in the country’s sports industry.

We wish Rushna Khan a very bright future ahead and May others get the golden opportunities too.