Now, All You Can Enjoy Khoka On A Wheel

Roadside dhabas and khokas are one of the most important parts of Pakistani culture. There are hundreds and thousands of khokas and dhabas the nation over arranged aside major and minor streets in about all over the Pakistan.

These Khokas have helped less privileged people crosswise over Pakistan to begin their own venture and earn bread and butter for their family through offering daily used products, for example, bread, butter, eggs, tea and another household grocery. Some khokas even offer bread kitchen things alongside tea.

Up til now, khokas across Pakistan have been stationary but a Pakistani company, Tez Raftar Motorbikes & Rickshaws is about to change the khoka culture by introducing mobile khokas.

Tez Raftar is calling this initiative ‘Tez Raftar Karobar’ which aims to provide jobless youth with an opportunity to start a small business using their mobile shop.

Features of TEZ RAFTAR Rickshaw

  • The new mobile khokas by Tez Raftar uses a custom made rickshaw which is large enough to hold shelves that can help khoka owners stock essential items and sell them while on the road.
  • According to the company, the mobile shop can also be converted to a food shop if the owner wants.
  • The Tez Raftar Karobar mobile shops cost Rs. 250,000 to setup. The initial cost will get you racks and shop furniture alongside the customized rickshaw.