This German Couple Cycling Through Pakistan Share Their Love For The Country

Lisi And Torsten are on the street on their cycles since July and September 2014. Their plan is simple; journey through the planet and experience more of its people, locations, and sights and learn about their lifestyle and answer their queries ultimately altering themselves.

The couple desires to encounter nature and various associations of humanity with that nature. They wish to know the distinct conditions that individuals cause to nature and what it means to the people dwelling in different places.

Throughout their trip, they have been to many different countries, Yunan and more, and studying individual natures including Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Kazakstan, China and their culture.

Recently the hearty embraces that anticipated them entered Pakistan and blew away the few. They’ve ever been looking forward to bike through today and Pakistan that it has been eventually made by them,¬† they were not expecting such a positive response.

The couple explained that hundreds of men and women welcomed them throughout the three days they cycled through to Islamabad from Lahore. They’ve been invited over for other events, teas as well as dinner then they might have possibly accepted. On their trip, in addition, they got to have interesting conversations with all the locals and discovered a lot concerning the culture that was about Pakistan. At some point, Torsten even clothed in the national dress of Pakistan showing their love for the nation.

Now the couple has entered Gilgit through the Karakoram Highway and is seeking a Visa extension to stay a bit longer in Pakistan. From there on they will move towards Hunza and ultimately to China.