Fruit Strike Campaign; A View From Other Side

Fruit Seller
Fruit Strike

Recently we have observed the most viral “Fruit Strike” which in reality has been struck every Pakistani’s news-feed with different point of views. Due to increase in the prices of fruits, people decided to observe three days (2nd-4th June 2017) strike in which they will refrain themselves from buying fruits.

Howbeit, some people took it as a great initiative and some are against such acts. Those who are favoring it are confident about the prices would get decrease, while those who are against it are because of the poor “Thelay Walay” who earn only via selling fruits.

However, before jumping into a conclusion, we must know the following facts first. Fruits are the perishable items which can’t be stored so it needs to be sold as soon as possible and if it gets stored, the prices of storing increases so the prices of the fruits. Since fruits aren’t manufactured in factories, they are grown. The farmers have no control on the amount of fruits grown, its demand gets increased in Ramadan than any other months. Since its supply remains the same, but demand gets increased so there is an increase in price as well. So, this means that people need to look at their consumption of fruits as well. If their consumption remain stable throughout the year, the prices will not  increase, but if they start over consuming the fruits for a month, so they will be going to face such hiking in price.

Additionally, we can’t neglect this fact that there are some muggers sitting in Mandi (Wholesale Fruit Market) who are selling fruits to “Thelay Walay” (retailers) in a very high price. Since “Thelay Walay” have no choice and they are bound to sell the fruits in high price, but is it justified to stay quiet and become a puppet?

Furthermore, such striking is somehow positive for the civilians who are voicing out on behalf of all the Pakistanis. Don’t we think  is it high time to stop dwelling under such muggers and stop tolerating this injustice? However, this is true that the poor “Theylay Walay” are facing the consequences, but aren’t they doing wrong? They know that the wholesalers are muggers but still not voicing out and bearing their corruptions.

As a Pakistani nation our duty is to protect our rights not letting others to snatch our rights from us. Though “Thelay Walay” are facing trouble due to such initiative, but aren’t it is benefiting for our Pakistan? As a concerned Pakistani we all must Unite against the Muggers and Help the poor “Thelay Walay” as well in order to set them free from these thieves. Meanwhile, strike is going on, we must help the “Thelay Walay” as well in any aspects.

In concluding such initiate has brought a positive change as well by highlighting the fact that we all as Pakistani can bring positive change by Uniting against the injustices. Just like the Pakistanis have got united for this “Fruit Strike”, likewise we all must stand against all the Corruption going on in our country.

Such small steps lead towards bigger one and by voicing out against the wrongs in any way, we can set our Pakistan free from all the muggers and corrupted people.

What’s your opinion on this? Do share it since we all have got the “Freedom Of Speech”.