First Pakistani Super Hero Movie ” Project Ghazi ” Gets A Release Date

Pakistani superhero film ‘Project Ghazi’ has been in people’s discussions since the project was announced. Currently, the film is in its production phase but it has made a great hype through the work being done in the background.

Yesterday, the team has finally revealed its released date which is going to be 14th of July, 2017, for this purpose, they have released an epic trailer with an announcement. The teaser has revealed the main villian of the movie. In the trailer , he seems to be calling out to someone. Between his short speech about lies nad truth, We can see the footage of featuring stars including Saira Shehroz and Humayun Saeed.

As you must have already noted that this movie is not releasing on Eid-ul-Fitr which is a great way to reach a maimum audience. Apparently, the reason might be the higher competiton. May be the director did not want to compete with any other directors because Eid is already filled with various other Pakistani releases. Also, Ali Raza , the director said that wastern superhero movies mostly come in summers so it was their primary motivation to choose summer release date.











The team is working hard to make sure the movie looks and sounds on par with international movies. A few weeks ago, Humayun Saeed was spotted performing risky stunts for the movie which proves that the team is indeed going beyond their usual limits to create something that has never been seen in Pakistan.