7 Ways To Stay Hydrated While You’re Fasting

7 Ways To Stay Hydrated While Fasting
7 Ways To Stay Hydrated While Fasting

The most blessed month is here, finally Ramadan is here. While welcoming this most awaited month, we can’t neglect the scorching heat striking us. Additionally, this heat might be an alarming factor for many people, but we can’t get over this fact that?

 On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear.(Chapter 2 Surah Baqarah Verse 286)

But, this doesn’t mean that we can’t try to solve the problems, since Allah has given us the abilities to think and scrutinize. Howbeit, by using the abilities Almighty endowed, we are able to stay hydrated while fasting and make ourselves to eat “Healthy” in this Ramadan.


Here Are The 7 Ways To Stay Hydrated While  Your’re Fasting:

Drink Plenty Of Water:

This is obvious, but there are some efficient ways to drink it. Keep the water bottle with you at night and drink water as much as you can. Moreover, try to avoid consuming sugary drinks and caffeine in Suhur. Once you have broken your fast, try to drink a cup or two of water at least every hour.

Consume foods with a high water content

Try to take water melon, cucumber, yogurt and other food which are high in water content in order to stay hydrated.

Take Cold showers

Since human body gets habitual of fasting after some days, so when you notice the following signs such as racked lips, flushed skin, fatigue, increased body temperature, and increased breathing and pulse rate, followed by dizziness, increased weakness, and labored breathing, it is due to dehydration.

Under such circumstances, try to lower your body temperature by taking a cold shower and when you are somewhere, where you are unable to take showers, so take a small towel and wet it with an ice water and apply the towel to your forehead, the area around your ears, the base of your neck, the upper back, and the chest, or simply get an Ice-Bag.

Avoid Salts:

Salt is considered one of the reason behind water retention in body, so try to avoid eating salty foods and decrease the consumption of salt.

Take some leafy greens

Leafy greens such as the Iceberg lettuce contains 96 percent water, and it is the best re-hydrator.

Don’t over wash the face

Washing your face, is somehow true for hydrating your skin, but over-washing is not good at all, since it strips the skin of its essential oils due to which skin gets more dehydrated. Make sure you re-moisturize frequently your skin in order to keep it dewy and fresh.

Drink Milk

Recent research from Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism proved that drinking a milk-based beverage helped the athletes retain a greater percentage of water, so it is considered as a great substitute for Re-Hydrator.